What do Monet, Edison, Churchill, and Einstein have in common?


Monet was "turbulent and irreverent in school, especially in drawing class."

Edison said he "was always at the foot of the class."


Churchill was considered a "school failure."

Einstein was thought to be "adrift forever in his foolish dreams."


Yet, their creativity transformed the world.

Source: Goertzel, Goertzel, and Hansen (2004). Cradles of Eminence. Scottsdale, AZ: Great Potential Press.


Most people agree that creativity is essential to survive and thrive in today's world, too.


78% of college-educated workers over 25 wish they had more creative ability.


94% of hiring managers consider creativity when hiring job candidates. Creative applicants are preferred, 5-to-1.

CEOs identify creativity as the #1 leadership quality needed for success.

Sources: Seeking Creative Candidates: Hiring for the Future, Adobe. September 2014. | IBM 2010 Global CEO study


However, student creativity is declining.

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Measurable creativity has declined significantly since 1990, especially for kindergarteners through sixth graders. 


This makes it especially hard for independent thinkers and other "square peg" students to thrive in school.

Source: Kyung Hee Kim (2011): The creativity crisis: The decrease in creative thinking scores on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, Creativity Research Journal, 23(4), 285-295


The good news is that there are easy ways to foster creative thinkers and problem solvers outside and inside the classroom.


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