Creativity and Neurodiversity: Kathryn Haydon on TiLT Parenting Podcast

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Creativity and Neurodiversity: Kathryn Haydon on TiLT Parenting Podcast

By Kathryn P. Haydon

News, Outlier Thinkers, Parents

by Debbie Reber
From the TiLT website

In this episode of the TiLT Parenting Podcast, I sit down with creativity expert Kathryn Haydon to talk about the strong correlation between creativity and neurodiversity, especially giftedness. After working in the classroom as a teacher, Kathryn recognized the power of teaching students in a way that engages their creative selves, and also noticed how children who thrived in her class were frequently labeled as “problem students” once they matriculated and moved into classrooms where their creativity wasn’t tapped into.

In our conversation, Kathryn explains whey every child (and person) is creative and why she so firmly believes that disruptive behavior in the classroom is something to be embraced, as it’s an indicator that the child has tremendous creative gifts. Kathryn’s passion for gifted and creative education are incredibly inspiring, and her vision for helping schools and parents use a “strengths-based” approach in the way they teach and parent is one we can absolutely get behind!

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