The Story Behind Sparkitivity’s Redesign

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The Story Behind Sparkitivity’s Redesign

By Kathryn P. Haydon


You know that feeling after you have an invigorating swim in a cool summer lake?

Or get your hair done by a pro?

Or achieve a personal best on your big run?

That’s how we’re feeling right now–refreshed, renewed, and raring to go.

Sparkitivity got a makeover!

It runs deeper than appearances. Our brand new website better reflects what we’ve been up to.

Over the past several years, the focus of our work has shifted to more keynote speeches, consulting for organizations on innovation strategy, and professional development for teachers. This work is highlighted on the site with offerings, testimonials, and gallery photos.

The site also makes it easier:

– for us to share free resources with you;
– for you to see the keynotes and consulting services we offer;
– for you to navigate to the blog posts that interest you.

Soon we will open an exclusive client hub for our monthly clients that gives you access to every resource, workbook, business tool, and lesson plan that we have. Resources are being added constantly.

We continue to work with parents/families and have created some helpful new resources. Parents always come by word of mouth, so we have a secret/not secret parent page accessible through all parenting-tagged blog posts.

National Collaboration

You know we love a collaboration and this one was nationwide. The Sparkitivity transformation began with foundational work with the incredible strategic coach, author and speaker Pamela Slim from Mesa, AZ. The website was conceived, designed, and programmed by Jacqueline Ball, Xavier Barnes, and Derek Davis at The Digital Design Co in Jacksonville, FL. Photo credit goes to Gabe Palacio right here in New York. Thank you to the team for thoughtfulness, efficiency, and inspiration.

Are You in the Prototype State of Mind? 

The prototype mindset is one of openness to feedback for the purpose of innovation. It facilitates creativity by allowing for iteration and continuous growth.

Prototyping is a key element in design thinking and it eliminates the stasis of perfectionism that prevents action “because it’s not yet perfect.”   It helps keep forward momentum and constant innovation.

We invite you into our prototyping mindset about the new Sparkitivity website. This website is for you–to inspire, to inform, and to connect. Please let us know if there’s something that could be added or improved.

Also, try out the prototyping mindset for yourself on your next project and see if it takes a little pressure off and improves your outcome.

Now pour a cup of tea, grab a cookie, and step into the new Sparkitivity. . .


Kathryn Haydon helps you maximize your creative strengths so you can do your best work. Through keynotes, workshops, and consulting, she trains individuals, leaders, and teams to find the unique spark that leads to deep engagement and productivity.

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