How to Help Kids Overcome Perfectionism

Kathryn HaydonNews, Parents

How to Help Kids Overcome Perfectionism

By Kathryn P. Haydon

News, Parents

Recently I was part of a photo shoot. The preparations were extensive. We had to get hair done, makeup done, and hire a stylist. We purchased and tested the outfits, down to each piece of jewelry. I brought flowers for the background, a potted succulent for the foreground, and a cart full of books and props.

I liked the photo proofs, but still felt they were imperfect. There was a stray bag in the background and a shadow on a face. Good thing we have Photoshop!

Or is it? Think about the first photographs, perhaps your old family black and whites. Often they are crooked and the subjects don’t even crack a smile. We now have the tools to make a photo look perfect and our society uses them liberally to brush out any perceived “imperfection.” No wonder our kids feel increasing pressure to be perfect in so many areas of life!

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