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New Book Release

By Kathryn P. Haydon


Over the past year, I’ve been writing, rewriting, and editing my next book. Last week it was announced at Book Expo in New York City and I was able to hold a galley copy in my hand. 

My book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative (No Matter Where You Work), will be released on September 10!

There’s more to this story, and it illustrates three creativity lessons that are important for your work as well. 

Last spring I was writing a different book. 

But Rohit Bhargava, CEO of IdeaPress Publishing, had seen Creativity for Everybody and asked me if I’d like to write a fun, irreverent, how-to guide to creativity as part of the The Non-Obvious Guide Series he was about to launch. 

I said yes and immediately switched gears. 

(Creativity Lesson #1: Be open to new opportunities, even if it means putting something important on hold.)

It’s exciting to have my Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative in hand. I’m super excited about the book, because it really is a mini-course on deliberate creative thinking. It contains all of the best tips, tools, and principles that I teach in professional workshops. 

As one client and early reader said, “You’ve taught me a number of these strategies but it is amazing to have them all in one place.”

More than anything, the book is actionable. You can grab an idea from any chapter and apply it right away to your work in a company, to your freelancing, to your teaching, or to your parenting. It’s all about harnessing your strengths and maximizing your thinking capacity. 

(Creativity Lesson #2: To be creative, a solution must be valuable, useful, and even provide an element of surprise or delight.)

If you read my last email, you may have noticed the sparkly shoes I was wearing in the photo. To be completely honest, writing a book can be hard and even frustrating at times. It is for me. But those shoes marked a turning point in the process, a story I can’t wait to share in an upcoming email.  

(Creativity Lesson #3: Bringing something new into the world is not easy, but if you persevere, it can be incredibly rewarding.)

Over the next several months, until Being More Creative is released on September 10, I’ll be sharing more stories behind the writing of the book. I’ll introduce you to some of the characters, share some of the most fun and useful resources, and, most of all, I’ll provide opportunities for you to get involved. 

The Ultimate Creative Thinking Workshop Book Tour!

The first opportunity for you to be involved is
The Ultimate Creative Thinking Workshop Book Tour!
This fall, I’ll be traveling to a number of cities in North America offering a fun and actionable creative thinking workshop for business teams (including school admin teams). During this event, you’ll receive an exclusive book tour discount, free books, and zero travel costs to bring me to your city. It really is an incredible opportunity that will not be available after this fall. Check out this link for details and let me know if you’d like me to come to your organization!

Book Launch Team Invitation

We are quickly filling up spots on our book launch team. This team will have exclusive access to several perks including: a pre-book launch video call with me, post-launch video call(s) with me, special downloads, a community of other creativity-minded launch team members, and much more! The process will be simple and straightforward. You can choose your journey during the launch team, from sharing about the book on social media to pre-ordering a copy for a friend to leaving the requisite Amazon review and various other activities. If you would like to join the launch team, click here to complete a simple form and we will be in touch with the next steps.


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