Breaking Through The Inertia Of No

Kathryn HaydonBusiness, Grow Your Creativity

Breaking Through The Inertia Of No

By Kathryn P. Haydon

Business, Grow Your Creativity

In this video, Sparkitivity founder Kathryn P. Haydon answers the question: What is the inertia of no and how can you break through it so it doesn’t stop you from doing your best work? She shares how a cross-country move and a secret tweak to an interview outfit helped her conquer this elusive force that threatened her career growth. Kathryn’s stories demonstrate how the science of creativity can help you do the same, no matter where you work. 

Northwestern University, October 2019


Kathryn Haydon helps you maximize your creative strengths so you can do your best work. Through keynotes, workshops, and consulting, she trains individuals, leaders, and teams to find the unique spark that leads to deep engagement and productivity.

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