Podcast Episode: Deep Souls

Allison LancasterDeep Souls, Grow Your Creativity

Podcast Episode: Deep Souls

By Kathryn P. Haydon

Deep Souls, Grow Your Creativity

“Is everyone a Deep Soul? The underlying traits that fuel deep soul strengths are universal characteristics of creative thinking. Research shows that nearly all of us have an intense combination of these strengths in early childhood, but they get dulled over time—especially during our school years. Deep souls, however, have resisted this dulling. They can’t help it. The intensity of their ability to think differently cannot and will not be stopped.”

Listen in as Sparkitivity founder Kathryn Haydon and podcaster extraordinaire Jenny Blake discuss the seven strengths of deep souls, and how to best support and encourage these thinkers who Kathryn truly believes will save the future.  

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