School May Not Open Till 2021: How to Keep Your Employees Sane

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School May Not Open Till 2021: How to Keep Your Employees Sane

By Kathryn P. Haydon


Now more than ever, employers are trying to find ways to support the mental health of their distributed employees. This is a tall order in the midst of a global pandemic when nearly all aspects of life are uncertain. Summer camps and school this fall seem less and less likely to be in-person, a fact that adds to many parents’ anxieties. Adult kids could also be living at home for quite some time; the California State University system announced this month that fall classes will occur online. 

Your employees are already facing a long summer without the usual kids’ activities and travel. How can you support them to maintain some semblance of sanity as they work from home while overseeing their children’s learning from now until . . . whenever? 

Successfully working from home with kids does not happen magically. Consider that our outside activities usually create a kind of de facto home schedule: baseball practice lasts until 5:30, dad gets home at 6:00, dinner fits in at 7:00. Working from home requires an opposite, deliberate approach to setting up schedules and structures that take all family members’ needs into account. Without proven strategies, this can get messy. However, we’ve made it easy for families in our Work From Home With Kids and THRIVE corporate licensing program. 

We created Work From Home With Kids and THRIVE to help professional parents be more productive working from home, while supporting their children’s learning—with less stress. The interactive workbook is easily deployable to employees throughout the world and it requires low bandwidth to access. The workbook includes 10 self-paced modules to walk parents and families through the set-up of their work-from-home, learn-from-home lives. It’s not rocket science but it does take practice, experimentation, and open communication, all points that are taught in the course.

Work From Home With Kids and THRIVE is based on my book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative No Matter Where You Work, and employs research-backed practices that draw out strengths and lead to increased family intelligence. We teach these principles and strategies to corporate teams to maximize collaboration and problem solving, and they can be just as easily applied to family “teams” of any ages. 

Now is the critical time to give employees a boost of support and structure to help them through the long months ahead, paving the way for them to do their best work on the job.

Through May 31, we are offering early adopter pricing and some exciting bonuses.

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