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Kathryn Haydon
creativity expert

Kathryn Haydon, creativity and innovation expert, founded Sparkitivity to deliver training, workshops, and keynotes that help you future-proof your business and career.

She teaches courageous leaders and teams to apply the science of creativity to grow revenue, cut costs, and add innovative value in a fast-paced world. Her clients span industries, from Bosch and ZipRecruiter to banks, accounting firms, and educational institutions.

Kathryn began her career in banking and moved into the science of creativity to understand the structures and practices that support the full contribution of individuals and teams in the workplace and in learning.

She is the author of the award-winning The Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative, No Matter Where You Work and co-author of Creativity for Everybody. Kathryn has written and spoken widely on creative thinking, learning, talent development, and the secret strengths of outlier thinkers, including several chapters in edited volumes and hundreds of articles. She is a regular contributor to publications like Psychology Today, and her work has been featured in The Washington Post.

Kathryn earned her BA at Northwestern University and her MSc in creativity and change leadership from the acclaimed International Center for Studies in Creativity at the State University of New York. She is a certified FourSight facilitator and consultant.

Kathryn curates the perfect team for each project, drawing from Sparkitivity's international network of colleagues: top experts in creativity, innovation, change management, education, Agile, Lean, talent development, and more. Each project team, led by Kathryn, delivers to clients the premier Sparkitivity experience.

The Sparkitivity Experience

Step 1
We love asking questions to understand your vision, goals, and challenges. You talk, we listen and assess your needs.
Step 2
We work tirelessly behind the scenes and check in with you to tailor an experience that will inspire and catalyze your group into action.
Step 3
We deliver engaging, transformational experiences that help your people do their best work.

We help individuals and teams experience meaningful growth.

Everything we do supports the view that everyone inherently has a unique makeup of creative strengths and that when people are aware of these strengths they can use them to make their lives and the world better. Take a look at what we have to offer, and join our worldwide network of creative thinkers.


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