Creativity changes the world.

We help teams, teachers, and families find freedom, purpose, and productivity by discovering and applying their creative strengths.

Everything we do supports the view that everyone inherently has a unique makeup of creative strengths, and that when people are aware of these strengths they can use them to make their lives and the world better. Take a look at what we have to offer, and join us as part of our worldwide network of supporters of creative thinking and creative thinkers.


Kathryn Haydon, Founder

Kathryn writes, speaks, mentors, and consults to support an educational paradigm based on student strengths and creative thinking. She is a speaker and specialist for families, schools, and organizations nationwide. Kathryn co-authored Creativity for Everybody (Sparkitivity, 2015) and Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students (Corwin, 2012); writes for publications on education, creativity, and parenting creative and gifted children; and is a published poet. She is on the editorial board of the Torrance Journal for Applied Creativity, and is a frequent contributor to several journals and websites, including The Creativity Post.

After her experience teaching second grade, Spanish, and enrichment classes for students from preschool through high school, Kathryn founded Ignite Creative Learning Studio and its successor, Sparkitivity, to engage “square peg” students and to support the parents and educators who want them to succeed. She holds a master of science in creativity and change leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at State University of New York, and a bachelor of arts in Spanish language and literature with a minor in economics from Northwestern University.

David Eyman

As both a business professional and an industrial designer, David understands the multi-dimensional process that leads to innovation, from conceptualization and development, to planning and implementation. As a facilitator,  his expertise lies in guiding businesses, non-profits, and governments to develop infrastructures that allow new   and productive ideas to emerge                                                                        and flourish. 

An expert in the creative process and creative problem solving, David facilitates visioning, idea-generation, consensus-building, and strategy. He has worked with many organizations to create both physical and cultural environments that nurture innovation and creative thinking. David holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. He holds a master of science in creativity and change leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at State University of New York.

Sarah Hodges Sherban 

Sarah is a musician, educator, and thinker who has been instrumental in the Ignite Creative Learning Studio laboratory. She designs and teaches rigorous, creative classes that blend 21st Century thinking skills with creative arts, science and math. In her role as Director of Education and Community Engagement for the New West Symphony, she grew the Harmony Project in Ventura, California from the ground up. Sarah received a master of fine arts from California Institute of the Arts and a bachelor of music in flute performance from University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music. 

Sarah performs solo and collaborative music spanning from classical art music to improvisatory and world music. She has studied, taught, and performed solo, chamber, and orchestral music across the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and Ghana. Sarah has a passion for integrating multimedia in performance, music education, and program design.