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Why Your Mind Needs a Tech Break

Do you ever feel pulled in a thousand directions? Unfocused? Like you just can’t think … Read More

How Remote Work Threatens Innovation and How to Fix It

On my first visit to a remnant prairie, I came across an exquisite spider web, … Read More

The Creative Strengths Spotter in Middle School: Prepared for Sock-cess

Guest post by Greg McDonough. Greg is the innovation space coordinator at Lake Forest Country … Read More

Consider the Outliers to Increase Team Effectiveness

As humans, we tend to gravitate toward those who are most like us, to those … Read More

5 Steps to a Successful Hybrid Work Model

How are you feeling about returning to the office or the classroom? Apprehensive, stressed, or … Read More

How to Get Your Team Excited About In-Person Work

After nearly a year and a half of virtual work, leaders are finding out that … Read More

Think Hybrid: Why Fully Remote Work Is Not Sustainable

Fully remote work was possible in our world’s recent short-term emergency, but is it sustainable … Read More

How to Have Better Group Conversations

Summer cookouts, concerts, and gatherings at the beach are back. Graduation celebrations, weddings, and funerals … Read More

When a Unanimous Yes is the Inertia of No

It was a perfect start-of-summer day: warm, sunny, with just enough breeze. I was walking … Read More

7 Atributos Positivos que comparten las Almas Profundas

7 Strengths of Deep Souls has been Sparkitivity’s most popular and impactful article, even changing … Read More

4 Things You Can Do Today to Be More Human and Creative

On the day I’m writing this post, it’s nearly 65 degrees in March. Some call … Read More

| The Negative Relationship Between Math and Creativity |

Variable Resistance When I train teachers to use creativity principles and strategies to deepen learning … Read More

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