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| The Negative Relationship Between Math and Creativity |
February 26, 2021

Variable Resistance When I train teachers to use creativity principles and strategies to deepen learning … Read More

How to Heal a Deep Soul
December 18, 2020

Recently a new reader of my deep souls articles scheduled a coaching call. She said … Read More

4 Ways Sea Glass Collecting Can Improve Your Thinking
December 18, 2020

As insignificant as it might seem, spotting a wave-sculpted sliver of glass amidst thousands of … Read More

How to Spot a Deep Soul
October 6, 2020

Download our free guide here: 7 Ways to Spot a Deep Soul At Work! Outliers, … Read More

The Biggest Challenge That Businesses Are Facing in 2020 and How to Solve It
August 18, 2020

As we approach the final quarter of 2020 I can predict the number one issue … Read More

Cognitive Diversity: Develop a Breakthrough Problem-Solving Team
August 17, 2020

IBM conducted an internal study on growing and sustaining efficient and effective innovation teams. The … Read More

How To Survive When Artificial Intelligence Takes Over Your Job
August 3, 2020

The robots are coming for your job (probably). A recent McKinsey report predicted that by … Read More

Is Design Thinking the Best Creative Process for Business?
July 27, 2020

 “In a design paradigm. . .the solution is not locked away somewhere waiting to be … Read More

The 4 Degrees of Creativity: Where Do You Stand?
July 20, 2020

Many people claim they are not creative. to debunk this myth for a simple reason: … Read More

Spot Divergent Thinking Strengths to Grow Your Team’s Creative Output
July 13, 2020

Speaking the language of strengths starts with recognizing and using our own. Then, we can … Read More

What Water Has to Do With Your Creativity
July 6, 2020

Have you ever thought deeply about water? It’s ubiquitous, keeps us alive, comes in many … Read More

Perpetual Prototype Mode: How to Be Agile to Lead Change
June 29, 2020

A few summers ago I visited my WWII veteran grandfather on his childhood farm in … Read More

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