What People Are Saying: Creativity for Everybody

Groundbreaking new book!
— The Bedford Record-Review

“The more hands we can get Creativity for Everybody into - the better - to help fan the flames of the movement to a more enlightened, creative, brave way of being human.” – Peter H. Reynolds, Author of The Dot 

Creativity for Everybody brings common examples into focus and expands on them in an easy-to-follow style.  It tempts one to keep reading on and on.  I will recommend this to my clients, who are business CEOs and government leaders, and to the general public.  This book is in a class of its own!” – Abel Ochigbo, Nigeria

“The unique feature of Creativity for Everybody is that it summarizes major characteristics of creativity in one-page discussions. The cleverness is emphasized by imaginative diagrams and pictures associated with these characteristics. All of these excellent discussions, ideas, and graphics are concisely presented in 81 pages. The book appeals to both visual and cognitive ways of thinking so that teachers and students are simultaneously stimulated in both modalities. Some topics covered by Haydon and Harvey are: creativity is shifting perspective, thinking, freedom, essential, and personal; practicing creativity; inquiry; and finding meaning. I highly recommend this book for all individuals who want to be inspired to be more creative and innovative.” – Maurice Fisher, PhD., Publisher, Gifted Education Quarterly Press

“I am delighted and privileged to be able to share Creativity for Everybody with the student teachers I supervise for Whittier College and with colleagues who work in teacher preparation programs.” – Audrey Werner, Student Teacher Supervisor and Lead Assessor, CA Teacher Performance Assessment Program, Whittier College

"This is a playful book—a little book—a joyful book!  Each page pops with original ways to express what it says. The authors want the readers to be comfortable with their own creativity." – Elaine Weiner, Torrance Journal for Applied Creativity

"Parents would do well to keep this useful book in mind, to help them gain new insights into so-called 'disruptive behaviors' such as constant questioning, daydreaming, or abundant energy, which might be frowned upon by adults and in school." – The Bedford Record-Review

"You may already believe that 'creativity' is an important skill for your students or kids to develop. But, do you really know what this means? You know it's more than just signing them up for an art class, but how can you help them actually develop creativity? Creativity for Everybody is an accessible, fun, inspirational book about what creativity means plus simple tips for how to support creative thinking in yourself and others." – Bookopolis