Student Stories: Nathan

Nathan is a highly creative student who also tested high on IQ tests, but in elementary school was not considered a high-achieving student.  Though he was an avid reader, he had a hard time with writing and therefore was constantly pressured to improve his writing at the expense of all else.  Nathan’s true strengths were in problem solving, especially in coming up with new and novel ideas as related to math and science.  However, he was under the impression that he was not particularly adept at these subjects because he didn’t always arrive at the “right” answer.  Though his thinking was always correct, it was unique and sometimes too advanced for the teacher.  Until his creativity as applied to math and science were pointed out by a teacher specializing in creative learning, he was unaware of these strengths and, indeed, felt inadequate in the mainstream school setting.  After he became aware of his strengths, his self-concept and ability to adapt to school improved.  Ultimately, Nathan was accepted into one of the most selective boarding high schools in the United States.