Creative Challenge - January: Look at Life Around You in Another Way!

Creative Thinking Skill: Look at it Another Way
The work of psychologist, educator, and creativity expert E. Paul Torrance revealed a “creativity skill set” comprised of 18 essential creative thinking skills.  Each month, through Sparkitivity’s e-news (sign up here), we will reveal a fun activity that you can do with your kids to practice these creativity skills. First up for January is the creativity skill Look at it Another Way.    

The Challenge
The ability to think differently is key to creativity.  Take the Sparkitivity January Challenge, and engage your kids to think differently about the things you see around you while having some good family fun.  

French artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet has made a name for herself thinking differently about common items seen around the house or around town.  She uses paint, chalk, and other materials to transform a common weed growing through a sidewalk crack into a surprising art piece, or creates a conversation between characters drawn around electrical outlets.  

With your children, take a look at the images on Sandrine’s website.  (Don’t worry, we can’t read French, either, but it’s the pictures we’re looking at!)  Use these for inspiration, and think about what you might add to things you see in your home, your yard, your neighborhood.  

If you’d like, you can prepare cut-out arms, legs, and other human-like appendages and clothing items ahead of time, like we did with our students in these photos.  This can be helpful to get kids immediately involved in the process of creating after looking at the photos.

If you’re short on prep time or would like to have your kids involved from the outset, get inspired and decide together how to transform the usual into something surprising.  If you want to go the simplest route, grab some sidewalk chalk, go outside, and have fun with what you see.  

Share Away!
Take photos of the art you make, and send your favorite pics with your child’s first name, age, and town to by February 14 for a chance to be featured in the next e-news and on our blog.  There might even be some prizes involved (wink, wink!).  *Families who already subscribe to our e-newsletter will receive top priority in the selection process.  Sign up below!