The Golden Shadow of Creativity

Guest post by Sparkitivity student Tyler Lynch, age 12

Creativity is a flow of energy circulating through one's blood, shedding crystals into your brain which spark ideas and innovation. It could be making props and costumes, or an invention waiting to be made and put to the test. Creativity applies to anything a creative person does, even if what they are doing is so gloomy and dark. Creativity forms the way one speaks, writes, acts and works. Creative ideas go on to change the world as we know it. It brings the color and ideas to a person's life.

The dull, unfinished newspaper sculpture sat in front of me when a rocket shot out of my head like a Looney Tunes animation. The color, designs, attributes--all of it--came to my brain. From there I started, every little piece bringing my sculpture more alive and closer to excellence. The feeling of accomplishment because of the spark of creativity felt serene, for everything came together. The final product was done with every little detail conspicuous. It was promoted to the art show where it stood for pictures. Look where creativity brought my sculpture, into the whimsical character it is now.

If creativity were removed from me it would drain the color around me and make the air dark and misty with thick smoke from a fire. It would be hard to perfect my work, putting all my ideas in a desolate desert. Creativity has helped me create inventions I have in my mind. It has given me the hammer to smash the deep stone walls of dull writing, making stories that take the reader inside them. I would absolutely reject no creativity because we would not progress and move forward. The realm of humanity thrives on ideas that come from creativeness. Creativity helps shape the world.