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Three Ways to Break Through the Institutional Inertia of No
June 14, 2019

In what ways do you encounter the institutional inertia of no? Allow me to jog … Read More

New Book Release
June 4, 2019

Over the past year, I’ve been writing, rewriting, and editing my next book. Last week … Read More

Summer Reading to Support Your Creativity
June 1, 2019

Each year about this time, I share the books that I’ve read that I think … Read More

10 Statistics You Need to Know About Creativity at Work
May 17, 2019

Creativity is the thinking that fuels innovation. Over the last decade, talk about the importance … Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Climate
May 3, 2019

Have you ever encountered institutional inertia?  The forces that arm wrestle any new idea or … Read More

Millennials and Gen Z Need Training in This One Skillset
April 4, 2019

Have you noticed that your employees, especially more recent graduates, are great at taking direction, … Read More

Use Creative Strengths at Work
March 15, 2019

Changing the world is easier than we think. One way to be a catalyst for … Read More

What’s Your Cauliflower? and Why It Matters To Your Brand
February 22, 2019

Over the past week, I’ve had several encounters with cauliflower. I spotted a poster for … Read More

The Sexy Electrician
February 11, 2019

Electrician or Web Developer? Which job do you consider sexier: independent electrician or Google web … Read More

What If We Thought About Others The Way We Do Nature?
February 7, 2019

How We Describe Nature When you envision the most exquisite scene in nature, what do … Read More

Open Letter to Those Who Have Thought About Suicide
January 23, 2019

There’s a picture in my mind of a tiny girl with penetrating eyes tromping through … Read More

Creativity and Your Network
January 15, 2019

What if the best “networking” is actually an enriching expression of creativity? We tend to … Read More

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