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Leadership: Why I Made the Team After Coming in Last

Are You a Transformational Leader? When I was a freshman in college, I wanted to … Read More

How I Got Rejected (or not) to Overcome Fear of Failure

Jia Jiang walked into PetSmart and asked for a haircut. “What kind of dog?” asked … Read More

The Non-Obvious Way to Think Creatively

Truthing. Light-speed Learning. Data Pollution. Virtual Empathy.  These are four of the 15 “non-obvious” trends … Read More

Parents of Differently Wired Kids: Your New Best Friend

What if the rise in square-peg kids is a modern-day evolution?  That’s a question posed … Read More

Podcast: Supercharge Your Creativity

Sparkitivity founder Kathryn Haydon recently joined Krish Surroy on the Mavericks Unlimited Podcast . . … Read More

Unleash Your Creativity in Four Steps

When I first learned the creative problem solving process, I had a prejudice against processes.  … Read More

Mother’s Day Challenge

This image is from my favorite line of cards. With sayings like “Kindness makes sunshine wherever … Read More

How to Get Creatives to Do Their Best Work

Have you ever hired someone for their track record of new thinking and fresh ideas, … Read More

How to Help Kids Overcome Perfectionism

Recently I was part of a photo shoot. The preparations were extensive. We had to … Read More

Can We Grow Creativity?

It’s spring in the East, time to start planting summer flowers. The seeds that you … Read More

7 Strengths of Deep Souls: The Thinkers We Need But Rarely Understand

Listen to the audio version of this article here.  He reads slowly but remembers everything … Read More

Founder Kathryn Haydon Featured in Katonah-Lewisboro Times

Name three people well-known for their creativity. Are you thinking of famous artists such as … Read More

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