Kathryn Haydon


Kathryn Haydon has written hundreds of pieces, including book chapters and articles in academic journals. The following is a sampling of her bibliography.

Book Chapters

Haydon, K. P.  (2017).  What if we view our education system as an ecosystem? In M. K. Culpepper, C. Burnett, & P. Reali (Eds.),  Big questions in creativity 2017: The Best of Big Questions 2013-16 (65-80). Buffalo, NY: ICSC Press.

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Article Sampling

(2013-present) Contributor, The Creativity Post. +30 articles, include:
Please thank a teacher for doing what this teacher does; Why teachers need parent input: Taking
the long view on a child’s education; This is what happens when kids’ creative strengths are
leveraged; What students want; Juggling unique learners’ needs.

(2015-present) Contributor, Brightly, Penguin Random House.  Articles include: Five illustrated books for kids who dig math; How to raise out-of-the-box thinkers: A chat with Peter H. Reynolds; 3 picture books and activities to encourage your child’s creative thinking; Math stories your child will actually enjoy.

Haydon, K. P. (2016, Summer).  The importance of parent intuition and advocacy in recognizing highly creative children.  Parenting for High Potential.  

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Haydon, K. P.  (2016, February).  Can a thinking profile pave your way to the corner office? FourSight Newsletter.

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Haydon, K. P.  (2012)  Article series for blog:
Google Art Project; Centers: Effective structures for differentiation; Under the big top; Exploring
the ocean with young, gifted children; Teaching with literature in the primary grades; Five ways
to identify and support budding mathematicians. 

Haydon, K. P.  (2011).  Underachievers: Most neglected resources of the future?  Illinois Association for
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