Creativity for Everybody


Creativity for Everybody

How would it feel to discover that you have hidden superpowers?

What if you could harness your best thinking more often?

What if you could make work more meaningful?

Creativity for Everybody helps you see your creative thinking superpowers and use them to be more productive, innovative, and satisfied. This book is for you if you want an essential and profound overview of the science of creativity and how it can help you rock life, work, and family.  

Haydon and Harvey condensed volumes of academic research into its elegant essence–the life-changing nature of creative thinking is now accessible to the busy reader. Creativity for Everybody includes:

-insights on the true meaning of creativity (hint: it’s not arts and crafts)
-guide to your own constellation of creative strengths
-the basics on how to practice creativity, encourage original ideas, and cultivate a creative thinking mindset
-characteristics of environments that support creative thinking
-overview of creative process
-illustrated page spreads for visual thinkers
-read the book sideways for tips to grow your creativity
-research footnotes that back up every page
-original poems that inspire

What people are saying:

“Groundbreaking new book!”- The Bedford Record Review

“The more hands we can get Creativity for Everybody into – the better – to help fan the flames of the movement to a more enlightened, creative, brave way of being human.” – Peter H. Reynolds, Author of The Dot