Unsalted Blue Sunrise

Kathryn Haydon

Unsalted Blue Sunrise Poems of Lake Michigan Cover

Unsalted Blue Sunrise Poems of Lake Michigan Cover

Unsalted Blue Sunrise

Kathryn Haydon’s poems in Unsalted Blue Sunrise are a refreshing dip in the cool lake. They explore Lake Michigan’s richness as metaphor, art, relationship, and outspoken personality. Written over the four seasons of a year, the poems probe topics both personal and universal. They will surprise you with fresh images and bold perspectives.

This book is the gift you share with everyone who has ever watched in awe as the sun rises and sets over our eloquent lake.

What People Are Saying: 

“I love Kathryn Haydon’s poems. They’re both playful and profound, transporting us to Lake Michigan’s shores. Let this book inspire you to paint your own word pictures of a place you love.”

-Susan G. Wooldridge, author of poemcrazy

“These deceptively simple poems delight the senses. Lake Michigan becomes a witty mirror to human longings in Kathryn Haydon’s brief, luminous lyrics.”

-Joshua Corey, author of Hannah and the Master

“Kathryn Haydon’s poetry has the power to transport us to tranquility. She offers both flow and dissonance in mood. She guides her readers to personal interpretation and visions of memorable images. All at once, Kathryn encourages us to breathe deeply, and still leaves us breathless.”

Julie Isaacson, Author of The Angry Chef: Satisfying Recipes Inspired by Unsatisfying Relationships 

“Kathryn Haydon’s poetry reminds her readers of what a gift it is to pause our busy lives and notice the beauty in the natural world. Through her seasonal explorations, careful observances and elegant imagery, her poems are evidence of her deep sense of place.”

-Jennifer Meyer, Visual Artist