Creativity for Everybody

We have seen students, workplaces, and educators experience the transformational power of creativity when they become aware of their creative strengths. However, when someone asked us, “What is creativity?” we didn’t have an easy answer or resource.  Now we do. 

Creativity for Everybody

Creativity for Everybody was written for parents, teachers, and businesspeople after years of work in the field and studying the science of creativity. A collection of narrative, illustrations, and stories that can be digested quickly, Creativity for Everybody provides a foundational understanding so that anyone can take hold of their creative thinking and support the creativity of others.

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Applied Creativity

E. Paul Torrance knew students had to experience creative learning to engage, apply what they learn, and grow.  We are collaborating with a team of expert professionals, led by Joan Franklin Smutny, to make the practical application of creativity theory accessible to all through the new Torrance Journal for Applied Creativity. The Torrance Journal is published annually, beginning in December 2015. A link to the online version is coming soon.

I love this inspiring, readable book! It’s like dipping into a bag of nutritious candy and finding something delicious to chew every time.
— Nicky, a Creativity for Everybody fan