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7 Ways to Spot a Deep Soul At Work


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Offerings for Deep Souls

Deep Soul Think Session 

Do you want to be confident that what’s meaningful to you in work and in life is valuable to the world, even though it’s not what people expect?

Begin to see yourself through the lens of your strengths.


Even one conversation with Kathryn Haydon has changed countless lives, turning despair into hope and possibility: 

“I have never felt so understood. Thank you for giving me the courage to change my life journey and write a new chapter.”

– Adrianne Roberts

Do you experience life differently from others? Over time, have you felt that this is a negative—that you are out of the ordinary, flawed, or simply “too much”? Kathryn Haydon has worked with divergent thinkers of all ages for decades, and has conducted research on such thinkers throughout history.

On this call, we will explore the questions that are important to you. 

You can ask Kathryn whatever you’d like. Some questions people tend to ask include: 

  • What does it mean to be a deep soul?
  • How do such individuals experience life differently?
  • How can I tell if I’m a deep soul, if my child is a deep soul, or if someone else in my life is a deep soul? 

The outcome that you can expect from this call is to gain a new lens through which to see yourself and your possibility, and/or to confirm your hunches about the importance of your (or another’s) uniqueness. 

Schedule a think session here. 

Deep Soul Sparkfinder 

Pinpoint Your Purpose, Spark Your Life 



Turn challenges into possibilities to create your own meaningful life, rather than trying and failing to do what people say you ’should do’

From high school through adulthood, many people reach a point when they feel they don’t have a clear sense of their purpose in lives. Work becomes dull and meaningless. This is especially true for those who are fueled by meaning, or who are at turning points in their lives. You can turn this around by finding a renewed sense of purpose. 

Finding purpose begins with self-knowledge. Once you are aware of your spark—the intersection of strengths, interests, and values—you can find ways to apply it. Doing so, you develop your sense of purpose and start to live your life congruently. 

Deep Soul Sparkfinder is a six-week mentoring program to help you pinpoint and apply your spark. The relaxed, inspired, one-on-one meetings are personalized to you, and will follow this general roadmap:

  • Meeting 1 – Introductory Conversation
  • Meeting 2 – Understand Your Creative Strengths
  • Meeting 3 – Learn Your Thinking Strengths
  • Meeting 4 – Pinpoint Your Interests
  • Meeting 5 – Uncover Your Values
  • Meeting 6 – Purpose Plan

The outcome you can expect from this program is a renewed sense of who you are, your present purpose in life, and concrete ideas on how to live congruently with your strengths, interests, and values. 

Deep Soul Sparkfinder is right for you if you identify with one or all of the following: 

  • are independent from “the crowd” and need a stronger sense of identity and confidence.
  • feel disconnected at work, school, or in general.
  • need to reclaim life’s meaning to motivate you forward.
  • have firm interests but don’t know how to progress with them, or want to discover new interests.


Deep Soul Sparkfinder includes: 

  • one-hour preliminary conversation to understand your challenges and objectives
  • five 60-minute Zoom coaching meetings
  • email communication between meetings
  • ongoing connection with the Sparkitivity family—twice-monthly email, connections with our network of thinkers
  • signed copy of The Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative

Enroll in Deep Soul Sparkfinder here. 

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