Ignite Creative Learning Studio™

Perceiving a gaping need, Kathryn Haydon invented, designed, and directed Ignite Creative Learning Studio.™ Ignite was an innovative learning space where students from ages four through high school could experience the rigor and joy of creative learning. 

In this laboratory, we tested the ideal conditions and approaches for deep, creative learning. Ignite changed the lives of children who were hungry to apply their own original thinking across academic domains including science, history, writing, math, and the arts. Over time we gained valuable insights that led to the highest quality creative programming available. 

We are presently working toward making more of these creative learning tools and lessons available to engage your family or students.  

Here are some activities that are available now.

I don’t think any of us understood just how hungry she was for challenging work and interaction. Thank you.
— Parent of a former Ignite student