The Ultimate Creative Thinking Workshop


"This book is like having coffee with an award-winning educator and creative thinking expert."


"Uncork all those ideas you’ve got bottled up inside you with this smart and engaging guide. You’ll understand where creativity comes from, what stands in its way (Hello, Impostor Syndrome!), and how to engender creativity in others. Any innovation starts with taking a risk, so take a risk on this book. It will pay off in creative dividends."
-Daniel Pink, Author, When, Drive, and A Whole New Mind

How to Be More Creative

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Being More Creative

(No Matter Where You Work)

Why do some people seem more creative, and how can you be one of them? How can you have a continuous flow of actionable new ideas at work? What does it take to think differently when you are surrounded by people who don't? Creativity can seem hard, but you don't have to be an artist or an innovator to harness its power.

In this short guide, innovation strategist Kathryn P. Haydon will teach you exactly how to have better ideas, conquer your imposter syndrome, use your strengths, and be the most creative person in any room.

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