Family Coaching

In our experience working with hundreds of families, a loving parent’s intuition is almost always right on target.  

We bring the framework and expertise to help you understand why and how.  

Creative thinking skills, such as curiosity, questioning norms, and willingness to think differently, are highly valuable in life, but can be difficult to parent or teach. 

Let’s Start the Conversation

Whether it’s one call or more, we help you better understand how to support the way your child thinks and learns. Say hello.

How Sparkitivity Families Have Benefited

  • Parents gain confidence in their intuition by applying proven frameworks.
  • Parents and children understand each other better.
  • Parents can better advocate for their children’s learning needs.  
  • Awareness of creative strengths reduces stress and pressure to conform.
  • Parents and students are excited about learning.
If I hadn’t known you when my son was struggling in school, I would have felt lost ... The pressure to medicate was so intense, and I knew that wasn’t right for my child. You were such a pillar of strength for us and I will forever remember how you led us through such a difficult time.
— Tonya, a Sparkitivity parent