Dear Fellow Parents,

Think about your children as toddlers when play was their job. What were the qualities that defined them then? Did they exhibit unbounded creativity, zest for learning, curiosity about the world? Do they still demonstrate these characteristics at home, or in certain environments?

But what if the child you see (or saw) at home doesn’t show up at school? What if your heretofore joyful-curious-loves-to-learn child has become obstinate, refuses to do schoolwork, tears up her assignments, has lost the light in her eyes, has been branded a behavior problem, or sent to a doctor for medication? The picture of your child has changed, and perhaps the two of you have lost the vision of who your child once was.

The positive news is that your child is still that bright-eyed inquisitor, even if it doesn’t appear to be so on the surface. We need to dig a little deeper, understand his abilities, interests, and how he learns best. We need a fresh perspective that better supports him and helps him reconnect with that true self that loves to learn, explore, and create, the side that, if you don’t blink, you still glimpse now and again.

Every individual has strengths and weaknesses. At Sparkitivity, we advocate for a strengths-based approach and help you find ways to solidify your child’s confidence and intrinsic motivation with creative thinking, problem solving, and purposeful learning experiences. With empathy, understanding, and our experience working with out-of-the-box thinkers we help you figure out how to empower your child to experience learning once again in the way that inspires and lights her up.

We believe that for a creative child, a behavioral, psychological, or medical approach—used in isolation without working to improve the academic content, strategy, and environment—addresses effects, not the root causes of underachievement, inattention, dissatisfaction with school, and uncharacteristic behavior problems exhibited by creative or gifted children. Now, we invite you and your child to embark on this journey to reignite curiosity and intrinsic motivation to learn and progress.

Kathryn P. Haydon, M.Sc.
Founder, Sparkitivity

Parent Services

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