Work from Home With Kids and THRIVE!




Looking for solutions and strategies to make homeschooling successful for your family, while you hold down a job?

You’ve come to exactly the right place . . .

What People Are Saying!

“This course came at the PERFECT time for our family. My husband and I both work from home and Kathryn has helped us to create more balance in our lives so that we don’t feel stretched thin. We are now able to spend more time homeschooling our kids, thrive while working from home, and do all of the above creatively!”

Allison Lancaster, CEO, Online Business Solutions

“Thankfully, Sparkitivity’s WFH course came at the perfect time and quelled a lot of my stress about my two younger girls being homebound indefinitely while my husband and I try to work.  Kathryn eloquently walks you through each lesson in a video, coaching you through a critical mind shift. Paired that with the resources provided, WFH with Kids and Thrive a robust tool. I’m so thankful and highly recommend this program to parent professionals and educators.”

Aurora Blase, Senior Conference Programmer, SXSW

“This course blows me away.  What a gift you have created!  The kids and I are poring over it now.”

Lindsay Pedersen, Brand Strategist, Ironclad Brand Strategy


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Work From Home With Kids and THRIVE!

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What if you could work productively from home while homeschooling your kids?

What if your family could be less stressed and more joyful by designing your own lives? 

It IS possible to homeschool AND work!! If you don’t work, it’s possible to homeschool and stay sane with time for yourself to be alone and recharge. 

Our Work from Home with Kids and THRIVE course has ready-made family activities to do together or individually to set you up for work-at-home + school-at-home success. 

This self-paced course provides the strategies, tools, mindset shifts, practical tips, and resources that you need to avoid extensive trial and error so you can start homeschooling with confidence.

If you don’t homeschool full-time, this course will set your family up for success during school holidays and summers. It will teach you tips to set up your home with plenty of opportunities do what we call “learning in the margins.” 

Parents can be a child’s most impactful educators, if you know how to make the mindset shift that makes teaching and learning normal and natural.

Work From Home with Kids and THRIVE is based on creative problem solving strategies that Sparkitivity teaches corporate clients, with direct application to working and schooling at home.


You will learn:

  • foundational actions for self-care;
  • mindset shifts for homeschooling while working;
  • how to schedule your time for optimal productivity;
  • how to set key boundaries and expectations;
  • new ways for kids to learn;
  • how to discover resources you didn’t even know you had;
  • creative problem solving practices to use with your family;
  • how to teach your kids while you get stuff done;
  • how to involve your kids in the process of their own education and happiness.

You will get:

  • access to full Work from Home with Kids and Thrive online, self-paced course;
  • 10 learning units, each with a combination of video tutorials, workbook downloads, discussion questions, family activities, and resources;
  • downloadable “tip sheets” and workpages for each unit;
  • discounts on individualized coaching for your particular family needs.


$297 (Valued at $4,200 as a private coaching series!) Self-paced, 10-unit video course with downloadable family activities, tip sheets, and workpages. 

A Warm Welcome From Course Creator and Instructor Kathryn Haydon:
How to Make Your Home a Place of Joy, Focus, and Learning


Course Overview

Welcome Story

How to Find Time to Watch This Video

Unit 1: Mindset Shift

There are major differences between office productivity and home productivity, just as there are major differences between school learning and homeschooling. It’s essential to know what these are and shift your mindset accordingly. Don’t be surprised if the whole family gets more done at home!

Unit 2: Create Your Sanctuary

One of the most important aspects of working from home with kids is self-care. If you don’t take care of yourself, it all goes downhill. Start with your sanctuary.

Unit 3: Optimize Your Time

There’s strategy involved in how you use your time optimally to get your work accomplished. Follow our process to ensure you have the time you need.

Unit 4: Sketch Your Schedule

How do you balance the work and learning needs of an entire household, plus chores, meals, exercise and actual time to relax? It’s tricky, but we’ve got you covered with our scheduling strategy, age-group tips, and process tools.

Unit 5: Learn in the Margins

It’s easy to worry that you won’t be able to fill a full school day of learning for your kids. The good news? When learning at home, there’s flexibility for kids to learn in the margins to build crucial life and academic skills when you least expect it.

Unit 6: Set Your Vision

A key leadership strategy applies to parents who want to thrive as leaders of a household of learners and workers: It’s important to create and communicate your vision, and adjust it if necessary.

Unit 7: Turn Problems Into Possibilities

Have any challenges arisen yet in your work-from-home, homeschooling journey? In this unit, you will learn a robust process to turn each sticky problem into a possibility.

Unit 8: Learn Beyond Screens

Screens are a major way to learn in the 21st century, and your children’s homeschooling will likely require them. What are all the ways you can amp up off-screen learning to get them interacting with life?

Unit 9: Connect With Community

You can’t do this alone and there are many hidden resources already at your fingertips. Using creative process, take a deep dive to discover them, and immediately put them to use.

Unit 10: Create Your Possibility Ecosystem

The strategies and tools you’ve learned so far have set you up to create a possibility ecosystem in your home. Learn what this means, how to grow it, and how to apply this idea to your leadership at work.

Bonus: Resources, Learning Activities, and More!


What ages do my kids have to be for me to benefit from this course? 

Any age is a good age. Work From Home With Kids and THRIVE is based on principles and strategies from the science of creativity. We teach these flexible strategies to corporate teams, educators, and even kids! You know your kids best and can pick and choose which activities to complete with them and which to do on your own. Many of the activities specify different pathways for different ages.

Even if you have a tiny baby, this course will help you set up a lifestyle that allows you to be productive, take advantage of at-home learning in the margins, and find your alone time as your child grows.

If you have young adult children, the course will teach strategies that are transferable to work and being a productive, independent adult as they adopt successful homeschooling strategies in the present time.

Is this course eligible for professional development reimbursement from my company? 

If your company offers reimbursement for professional development training, Work From Home With Kids and THRIVE is a perfect candidate. Not does this course help you maximize your work productivity at home, the problem solving skills you learn are directly transferable to your actual work tasks. Professional skills covered include creative problem solving tools and methods, collaboration techniques, and innovative thinking skills.

To learn in more detail about how this course translates to your work, pick up a copy of the companion book, The Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative No Matter Where You Work, by Sparkitivity founder Kathryn P. Haydon, MSc.

Also, please note that Work From Home With Kids and THRIVE includes a corporate licensing offering that can be purchased by businesses and schools for their employees and families.

Companies like Facebook have chosen Work From Home With Kids and Thrive as a benefit for employees.

Schools such as Berkeley Hall have given each family the gift of our interactive workbook.

If you work at Salesforce, Lyft, Hard Rock, Sephora, Success Academy, and many more–
check out Work From Home With Kids and THRIVE on your perks!

How much time will this course take me to complete?

Spread the course out into two, 10-minute bites per day of video watching and activity completion and you’ll have the basics in under two weeks. Then add in family activities when appropriate. Or, you can binge watch the entire course in a day and spread out your activities over time.

The point is, this course is flexible to you. We recommend that you complete it in order, but you can also jump in and grab a lesson when you need it. The real results come once you’ve been able to integrate the strategies as a natural part of your work and family rhythm. This takes time and practice, but will actually SAVE you time and energy!


You CAN get your own personal focus time!

Who designed this course and who is the instructor? 

Over the past two decades, Kathryn P. Haydon, MSc, an award-winning educator, has written four books, hundreds of articles, several anthology chapters, and she has trained and taught thousands of students from preschool to grad school, educators, and businesspeople–all while working from home and leading an innovative homeschool education for her family.

YET, Kathryn made tons of mistakes along the way. This course is designed to save you gobs of time and trial-and-error by setting you up for success from the very beginning.

The founder of Sparkitivity, Kathryn helps individuals and teams grow in the face of change. Her clients span industries, from Bosch and Webster Bank to ZipRecruiter, accounting firms, and independent and public schools and districts.

Kathryn writes regularly for Psychology Today and her work has appeared in The Washington Post. She earned her BA at Northwestern University and her MSc in creativity and change leadership from the acclaimed International Center for Studies in Creativity at the State University of New York.

Read Kathryn’s full bio and browse her recent media appearances here.


Is This Course For You?

Work From Home With Kids and Thrive is NOT for you if: 

  • You have given up on being involved in your children’s education. 
  • Your job company doesn’t care if you are productive. 
  • You run your own business and have it all together.
  • You don’t want alone time while your kids are home. 
  • You like chaos in your house. 
  • You enjoy the exhilaration of stress.
  • You don’t need to get stuff done. 
  • Your boss loves it when your kids pop into your Zoom meetings. 
  • You love insanity — taking the same approach over and over and getting the same stressful results.
  • You are a superhero and have already tackled it all.
  • You don’t need any help with work-life balance. 

Work From Home With Kids and Thrive IS for you if: 

  • You want to be proactive and create the best possible scenario for your family’s learning. 
  • You want to find practical ways to stay sane with everybody homeschooling. 
  • You need easy ways to approach your child’s education outside of hour-by-hour instruction time.  
  • Your partner is not seeking creative solutions and assumes you will handle it all.
  • You really want to homeschool but aren’t sure how to fit it all in.
  • You’d like to deepen your kids’ learning at home without adding stress. 
  • You want to homeschool but you don’t think you’re qualified.
  • You want to homeschool but you also have to work.
  • You need alone time to be productive and want to know how to get it. 
  • You want easy solutions to make distance learning and work-from-home better.


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