Spanish Speakers

Kathryn Haydon has a background studying Spanish language and literature and working with children and adults in Spanish-speaking cultures. She offers unique insights on supporting Spanish-speaking students.

Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students

In 2012, Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students was published to help solve the problem of underrepresentation of such students in gifted programs, and to help teachers note creative strengths despite language barriers. 

We had the privilege of writing with excellent educators who care deeply about supporting children who aren’t always recognized for their strengths, drawing on the work of E. Paul Torrance.

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Creatividad para todos

Thanks to the work of two generous native Spanish-speakers, Nacho Arrizabalaga and Martha Chávez Negrete, Creativity for Everybody has been translated into Spanish. 

A collection of narrative, illustrations, and stories that can be digested quickly, Creativity for Everybody provides a foundational understanding so that anyone can take hold of their creative thinking and support the creativity of others.

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Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students really nailed the challenges Latinos face with education in the US. I identified with many points. My sisters may not have dropped out in the 6th grade if this book had been around. It is a ‘must read’ for educators and parents.
— Marta Villanueva, Chief Insights Officer, NuThinking