Kathryn Haydon astounds me with her knowledge and application of creative thinking in both business and education sectors. She helps organizations spot, nurture and grow creative talent.
Pamela Slim, speaker, author, strategist

The more hands we can get Creativity for Everybody into – the better – to help fan the flames of the movement to a more enlightened, creative, brave way of being human.

Peter H. Reynolds, Author of The Dot

What They're Saying About Sparkitivity

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathryn in multiple settings, from whole faculty meetings to small grade level teamwork, and she has consistently impressed me with her thoughtful insight and personal approach. She encourages lively conversations where educators think outside the box, take the road less taken, and prioritize creativity in their teaching. Kathryn sparks the innate curiosity within adults that can sometimes get forgotten, and therefore, reminds us to put ourselves in our students’ shoes.

Emily H., Educator, Workshop Participant

YOU INSPIRED US! YOU LIT A SPARK and IGNITED US! Lighting one teacher can reach how many kids? Do the math.

Jane G., Educator, Workshop Participant

Kathryn Haydon’s exceptional command of the science of creativity made us all critically reflect on and immediately enhance our teaching practices.

Iman R., Educator, Workshop Participant

I am so happy to be at the leading edge of change in our school system and lucky enough to work with such an ambitious and creative individual like you.

Miles C., Director of Innovation, Grass Roots Innovative Change Client

Our back-to-school night was the best I’ve seen in my 30-year career. Thanks to our series of professional development workshops and individual coaching with you, our teachers are energized, vibrant, and joyous. Many of them talked about the importance of including higher-level thinking in their classes, and gave examples of what they have planned for the year.

Karen M., Head of School, Professional Development Client

It was a fabulous session, Sparkitivity! Thank you for giving us the tools towards purposeful integration of creativity (higher critical thinking skills) into our curriculum at all levels. Can’t wait to put it into action!

Katy M., Head of School, Professional Development Client

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