The summer after fourth grade it was as if every fiber of my being was engaged in math, science, and creative writing enrichment classes. Yet, the prior year I had begged my parents to let me drop out of third grade. After quickly mastering the work, I grew frustrated and created my own diversions.

What were my untapped strengths that floundered in grade school?

What was different about the summer classes that activated them?

This experience planted a seed of curiosity. Throughout the rest of my school career, I observed the methods of teaching that led to engagement and growth. I studied how people learn. 

Why did some of my classmates seem content with the traditional approach while others goofed off, spaced out, or cut class?

When I started in the business world, I encountered third grade all over again. So much of what I could offer remained untapped.

What are the business structures and strategies that draw out, rather than overlook, a person's full contribution?

I became an entrepreneur, consulting, writing, and teaching. I understand how the way people learn and grow relates to their engagement and productivity at work.


Through research and practice, I discovered that the key to it all was understanding creativity. I studied the science of creativity, which provided a framework backed by decades of solid research and practice. Business leaders, educators, and students all responded well to the principles I shared.

And this led me to what I do today, working at the intersection of business and learning to continuously answer this beautiful question:

How might I help people see and activate their untapped strengths so they can do their best work?

Everything we do at Sparkitivity is designed to answer this question for organizations, teams, educators, and individuals. We show you what’s already there and teach you how to use it consistently to keep ahead of change.

How might we help you?