When you understand your own creative strengths, you are healthier, happier, and you accomplish more.

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Creativity for Everybody


When you hire a speaker, you want assurance that the message will connect deeply and ignite your constituents to action.

Kathryn Haydon has been speaking professionally for over a decade and knows how to actively engage an audience of learners. She delivers fresh insights within a solid framework of research and inspiration.

Each talk is tailored to speak directly to the hearts and minds of your unique audience. Kathryn's fee depends on duration, location, and level of customization.

The speaking fee covers:

  • 60-minute pre-planning call with event organizers

  • 60-90 minute keynote presentation

  • 25 copies of Creativity for Everybody

  • Sparkitivity's promotion of your event  

Topics Include:

The Secrets to Sustained Innovation

Creative Thinking: A Path to Happiness and Deeper Learning

Real Creativity: The Superskill of the Future

“The keynote was very informative and professional, and inspired me to implement new creative starters at home.”
— A Sparkitivity keynote attendee

Educator Workshops

Educators’ jobs are challenging. 

We know; we’ve been there.  The good news is, we are here to support and inspire you, ease the stress, and share strategies that help you do your job well so that you and your students are creatively nourished.   

Our educator workshops are fun, engaging, active, inspiring, and deep with content. 

We work with schools that want to integrate the depth of creative thinking skills with their content to deepen learning and increase engagement.

Workshop Sampling
(There are more where these came from. Contact us for additional offerings!)

90-Minute Creativity Boost

Ignite your teachers with this fast-paced, 90-minute session that will reinvigorate participants’ own creative thinking.  Each participant will walk away with a packet of simple activities and resources to enhance student creative and critical thinking skills, such as fluency, flexibility, abstract reasoning, and elaboration. Activities can be quickly and easily plugged into lesson plans across subject areas.

Extreme Lesson Creativity Makeover with TIM

Have you ever felt that one of your lessons is lacking in deeper-level thinking and student engagement?  Bring your dullest 30 to 60-minute lesson to this session, where we will use principles from the Torrance Incubation Model and our colleague-resources to explore deeper learning possibilities.  We’ll work as a group to demonstrate, then set you off on your own to shine up your own lesson on the spot!

Creative Writing, Content, and Rigor

This hands-on workshop inspires writing ideas that encourage higher level creative and critical thinking across subjects.  Teachers experience the power of creative writing catalysts to engage a wide spectrum of writers, from reluctant to eager to advanced. They learn and devise ways to apply it across content areas to improve student observation skills, attention to detail, and self-expression.

Learning in 3D: Supporting Creative Thinkers in the Classroom

Did you know that the most highly creative learners often struggle in school and many are thought to lack intelligence or focus?  This fun and surprising workshop presents research on creative thinkers, simple guidelines for identification, and easy strategies to help them engage while giving all of your students the opportunity to develop highly needed creative thinking skills.

Our clients include:

Topa Topa Elementary School, Ojai, CA | Ojai Unified School District, Ojai, CA | Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY | Rippowam Cisqua School, Mt. Kisco, NY | International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven, CT | Monica Ros School, Ojai, CA | The Thacher School, Ojai, CA | Ojai Valley School, Ojai, CA | Crane Country Day School, Montecito, CA | Rotary Club of Ojai, CA | Los Virgenes Unified School District, Agoura Hills, CA | Santa Maria-Bonita School District, Santa Maria, CA | California Association for Gifted | Connecticut Association for the Gifted | Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity/Center for Gifted, Glenview, IL | Tri-County GATE Council, Ventura, CA | College Summit, Washington, DC | Minds in Motion, Middletown, CT | Financial Means, Santa Barbara, CA | International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo, NY | Bookopolis, Menlo Park, CA | Byrdseed.TV, Orange County, CA | National Association for Gifted Children | Anonymous Heads of School, coaching | Hundreds of families and students

In the 30 years that I’ve been in education, this year’s back-to-school night was the most outstanding that I’ve ever seen. Our teachers are energized, vibrant, joyous, intelligent, and they spoke so enthusiastically. Many of them talked about the importance of including higher level thinking in their classes, and gave examples of what they have planned for the year. It is really quite inspiring, and their time with you was a catalyst for this.
— Head of Independent School

Family Coaching

In our experience working with hundreds of families, a loving parent’s intuition is almost always right on target.  

We bring the framework and expertise to help you understand why and how.  

Creative thinking skills, such as curiosity, questioning norms, and willingness to think differently, are highly valuable in life, but can be difficult to parent or teach. 

Let’s Start the Conversation

Whether it’s one call or more, we help you better understand how to support the way your child thinks and learns. Say hello.

How Sparkitivity Families Have Benefited

  • Parents gain confidence in their intuition by applying proven frameworks.
  • Parents and children understand each other better.
  • Parents can better advocate for their children’s learning needs.  
  • Awareness of creative strengths reduces stress and pressure to conform.
  • Parents and students are excited about learning.
If I hadn’t known you when my son was struggling in school, I would have felt lost ... The pressure to medicate was so intense, and I knew that wasn’t right for my child. You were such a pillar of strength for us and I will forever remember how you led us through such a difficult time.
— Tonya, a Sparkitivity parent

Creativity for Everybody

We have seen students, workplaces, and educators experience the transformational power of creativity when they become aware of their creative strengths. However, when someone asked us, “What is creativity?” we didn’t have an easy answer or resource.  Now we do. 

Creativity for Everybody

Creativity for Everybody was written for parents, teachers, and businesspeople after years of work in the field and studying the science of creativity. A collection of narrative, illustrations, and stories that can be digested quickly, Creativity for Everybody provides a foundational understanding so that anyone can take hold of their creative thinking and support the creativity of others.

You can read more reviews here and claim your own signed copy here

Applied Creativity

E. Paul Torrance knew students had to experience creative learning to engage, apply what they learn, and grow.  We are collaborating with a team of expert professionals, led by Joan Franklin Smutny, to make the practical application of creativity theory accessible to all through the new Torrance Journal for Applied Creativity. The Torrance Journal is published annually, beginning in December 2015. A link to the online version is coming soon.

I love this inspiring, readable book! It’s like dipping into a bag of nutritious candy and finding something delicious to chew every time.
— Nicky, a Creativity for Everybody fan

Creating Solutions

We know that not all learning settings work for all people. 

Therefore, we are dedicated to creating alternative educational platforms that inspire and engage students, and allow them to grow as individuals.  

Here is a sampling of projects we have led and supported, some of which are resources that we recommend to you.

Workspace Education
True 21st Century Learning

We've been studying the future of learning for years.  Now we are supporting this mind-blowing, networked 21st century learning community based in Bethel, CT.  Mark our words.  This is the future. 

International Festival of Arts and Ideas
Global Sounds Project

The Festival hired Sparkitivity to help design this daily music listening program for schools.  Click here to see samples and to join the free pilot program.  


Byrdseed.TV. is like a deeper learning Khan Academy. Preview Sparkitivity's video series on designing co-created creative learning experiences with your kids here

Ignite Your Everyday Creativity

The International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) founded the first creative studies program in 1967. Now ICSC’s “Ignite Your Everyday Creativity” is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, for free on demand from Coursera. We were on the team of leaders in the field, led by Dr. Cyndi Burnett and Dr. John Cabra, to develop this MOOC designed to ignite creativity around the world.


Bookopolis, like GoodReads for kids, delivers a cutting-edge platform to spark and support love of reading and community.  We collaborated with Founder Kari Riedel on a higher-level thinking approach to book reports.  Get to know Bookopolis here

Latest from News and Blog

Spanish Speakers

Kathryn Haydon has a background studying Spanish language and literature and working with children and adults in Spanish-speaking cultures. She offers unique insights on supporting Spanish-speaking students.

Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students

In 2012, Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students was published to help solve the problem of underrepresentation of such students in gifted programs, and to help teachers note creative strengths despite language barriers. 

We had the privilege of writing with excellent educators who care deeply about supporting children who aren’t always recognized for their strengths, drawing on the work of E. Paul Torrance.

You can purchase a copy here.

Creatividad para todos

Thanks to the work of two generous native Spanish-speakers, Nacho Arrizabalaga and Martha Chávez Negrete, Creativity for Everybody has been translated into Spanish. 

A collection of narrative, illustrations, and stories that can be digested quickly, Creativity for Everybody provides a foundational understanding so that anyone can take hold of their creative thinking and support the creativity of others.

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Discovering and Developing Talents in Spanish-Speaking Students really nailed the challenges Latinos face with education in the US. I identified with many points. My sisters may not have dropped out in the 6th grade if this book had been around. It is a ‘must read’ for educators and parents.
— Marta Villanueva, Chief Insights Officer, NuThinking

Ignite Creative Learning Studio™

Perceiving a gaping need, Kathryn Haydon invented, designed, and directed Ignite Creative Learning Studio.™ Ignite was an innovative learning space where students from ages four through high school could experience the rigor and joy of creative learning. 

In this laboratory, we tested the ideal conditions and approaches for deep, creative learning. Ignite changed the lives of children who were hungry to apply their own original thinking across academic domains including science, history, writing, math, and the arts. Over time we gained valuable insights that led to the highest quality creative programming available. 

We are presently working toward making more of these creative learning tools and lessons available to engage your family or students.  

Here are some activities that are available now.

I don’t think any of us understood just how hungry she was for challenging work and interaction. Thank you.
— Parent of a former Ignite student