Build Your Innovation Team

Kathryn Haydon

Build Your Innovation Team

Do you want to transform your group into a team of breakthrough thinkers and agile implementers?

This half-day workshop is designed to engage the diversity of your team to collaborate more effectively and increase your capacity to problem solve. We will use the FourSight™ Thinking Profile to create Your Team Report, which shows team members how their individual thinking preferences to clarify, generate, develop, and implement ideas relate to team results when it comes to problem solving, collaboration, communication, and innovation.

Research shows that the awareness of the universal creative process and your individual problem solving preferences that you gain in this workshop helps you:

  • gain self-mastery;
  • grow empathy and respect;
  • leverage diversity;
  • build better teams;
  • improve performance;
  • achieve consistent, innovative outcomes.

Target Group:

In-tact teams

Time Commitment: 

How You Will Benefit: 

  • Discover how your personal thinking preferences can help you work more effectively.
  • Understand when each team member tends to rev up or stall in the problem solving process to build a more effective team.
  • Learn a common, intuitive language and process, which together bolster collaboration, communication, and productivity.
  • Run more productive and effective meetings.
  • Learn strategies to solve problems more effectively to drive toward growth.