How to Grow Your Divergent Thinker’s Edge


Creativity drives innovation and is one of the top thinking skills that we need to thrive in the 21st century. CEOs know this, colleges are catching on, and enlightened education environments realize that creative thinking drives the deepest, most engaged learning at all levels. Yet the data show that our creativity declines as we move through school; businesses report that this coveted skill is the second most difficult to find in potential hires.

Why do we face this decline in creative thinking? Because we are looking in the wrong places and misidentifying it when we do see it. It’s the daydreamers, rebels, and class clowns that will help us master the future! Based on Kathryn Haydon’s cutting-edge research, with stories and fascinating new insights, this talk will help you spot and support natural creative talent before you accidentally squash it–in your team members, potential hires, students, and even yourself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spot seeds of creative thinking in surprising places
  • Get simple steps that support emergent creativity
  • Learn to hire and nurture people with the natural innovator mindset
  • Grow your own Divergent Edge

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