Grow Your Impact

Kathryn Haydon

Grow Your Impact

Do you want to be more productive and prolific in your work?

Do you need to accelerate your thinking and production at work? Grow Your Impact helps you learn how you think and work best, and teaches you to optimize your process. We can approach it in general, or in the context of your project, whether it’s that proposal you need to create, that product you need to sell, or that book you want to write. Launch package includes three 60-minute Zoom sessions; a FourSight™️ Thinking Profile assessment, report, briefing, and continuing education ap; email follow-up between calls; and a copy of The Innovative Team. 

You Will Learn:
• Your thinking preferences and how they support or hinder your most important professional projects.
• To leverage your high preferences and increase your tolerance for low preferences to make your work more prolific and impactful.
• Strategies to directly apply to your most pressing project.

Target Group:
Individual, one-on-one

Time Commitment:
Three 60-minute online sessions + 10 minutes for online FourSight™️ Thinking Profile

How You Will Benefit:
• Work smarter, knowing where your energy peaks and falls during the arc of a project.
• Develop strategies to harness your best thinking, overcome blocks, and solve problems more effectively.
• Make your most impactful, prolific work sustainable.

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