Breakthrough Thinking Mindset

Kathryn Haydon

Breakthrough Thinking Mindset

Are you trying to create a culture that encourages team members at all experience levels to contribute their diverse perspectives to develop valuable, innovative solutions?

Creativity fuels innovation through a universal thinking process. Research shows that people think about and solve problems in measurably different ways. Understanding your thinking preferences–how you think about and solve problems–can increase your capacity to innovate.

Based on the internationally acclaimed FourSight Thinking Profile,

You Will Learn:

  • How you personally engage in the creative problem solving process.
  • Strategies to strengthen your capacity to problem-solve, innovate, and get the job done.
  • How to work with other people’s preferences to maximize outcomes.

Target Group:

Individuals across teams

Time Commitment:

How You Will Benefit: 

  • Work smarter, knowing where your energy peaks and falls during the arc of a project.
  • Develop strategies to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems more effectively.
  • Learn to leverage your team members’ individual problem-solving approaches to achieve greater innovation.
  • Run more productive meetings.
  • Understand how the universal problem solving process drives innovation.

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