Building Powerful Innovation Teams

(half-day, full-day, or custom solution)

According to a recent survey, the typical employee spends 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings. To cope, they do other work, space out, and even sleep! So, how do you get your people to bring their best thinking to the team and collaborate to create new solutions?

In this workshop, we train your teams to leverage their individual strengths to collaborate in the creative problem solving process, and to use tools that increase engagement and effectiveness. The data show that our training can make meetings over 300-400% more productive, original, and prolific.*

*Bus Study reference

Talent Catalyst

(half-day, full-day, or custom solution)

When people know their spark–the intersection of their motivations and talent–they can up their game and bring their full capacity of contribution to work. Using Sparkitivity’s Catalyst Quest method, we train people to use and grow the strengths that fuel deep engagement and productivity, and to benefit the environments in which they work and live.

Creativity and Innovation Intensive for Leaders

(hour phone call, two to three hour meeting)

Leaders with creativity training are rated “significantly more effective” than leaders without creativity training. Do you think you want to bring innovative practices to your organization but need an overview of how creativity and innovation practices fit with your leadership style and culture? After an hour telephone call, we customize a one-on-one intensive that gives you an overview of the science of innovative change, tools that will leverage your leadership style, skills, and the strengths of your team, and strategic paths forward.