Business Workshops


Do you want your employees to be more innovative thinkers? 

Power Up Your Innovation Strengths

This full-day immersive experience is designed to motivate and energize your employees through insightful, meaningful learning.

Each participant will learn to: 

     -identify, activate, and optimize their natural innovative thinking strengths

     -apply their creative thinking at work

     -use a strategy and toolkit that support continued innovative thinking

Do you wish your team members could collaborate more effectively to innovate and solve problems creatively? 

Power Up Team Collaborative Problem Solving

This full-day workshop is designed to help your team build more productive and insightful working relationships as they solve a pressing business challenge that needs new thinking.

Each participant will learn:

     -their own and teammates’ problem solving preferences

     -when each team member tends to rev up or stall in the problem solving process

     -how to maximize the collaborative strengths of the team

     -productive collaboration strategies to solve an authentic and timely challenge that faces the team

What if employees and team members at all levels felt empowered to take initiative to add value?

Developing Future Leaders

In this full-day, immersive experience, participants will develop individual strategies to answer this question: What does it take to be a future leader right now?

Participants will: 

     -discover the secret strengths of entrepreneurial leaders

     -master question-asking strategies that lead to insights and solutions

     -learn to translate into action the ambiguity that leaders navigate every day

     -identify and build on your own unique leadership strengths

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