Minds-On Learning in Every Classroom

(full-day workshop)

Hands-on learning is a bit of a misnomer. What really engages students and personalizes their growth is “minds-on” learning, when their highest-level thinking skills are ignited and in operation. In this session, educators will:

  • pinpoint your own high-level creative thinking strengths and learn to spot them in students;
  • use the Torrance Incubation Model to make your own lessons “minds-on”;
  • serve as a think tank for colleagues;
  • learn how to tweak your assessments to spark individual student growth.

Power Up Personalized Learning with Cognitive Creativity

(half-day workshop)

Teachers of all levels and subjects with find their thinking sparked during this active workshop. Each participant will walk away with several structures to develop student cognitive creativity skills like fluency, flexibility, abstract reasoning, and elaboration. Activities can be quickly and easily plugged into lesson plans across subject areas and grade levels.

Participants will:

  • learn the cognitive underpinnings of  creative thinking
  • engage in skill-building to enhance their approach to teaching and learning
  • apply activities directly to their curriculum to help students develop key thinking skills and personalize learning.

Supporting Innovators in the Classroom

(half-day workshop)

Did you know that the most highly creative learners often struggle in school and many are thought to lack intelligence or focus? This fun and surprising workshop presents research on creative thinkers, simple guidelines for identification, and easy strategies to help them engage while giving all of your students the opportunity to develop highly needed creative thinking skills.

Grassroots Innovative Change

A new, in-depth approach to professional development and lasting creative culture.

Would you like your faculty to enhance their best teaching practices to attain the deepest levels of student engagement and critical and creative thinking?

Lasting change starts with a strong leader with a vision who is willing to take the long view and build from the ground up, to create a culture that incorporates practices and processes that support creative thinking at all levels. We always begin by assessing your goals and needs. Then we conduct key stakeholder interviews and develop a customized approach that builds on the strengths of your school’s people and culture. Take a look at how one school did it using the cohort approach.