Catalyst Framework


We conduct multiple interviews with you and your child to understand his or her interests, learning preferences, abilities, weaknesses, learning history, and school situation.

Catalyst Framework is the right solution for your family if you:

  • want your child to feel good about his/her ability to learn and to be engaged in learning.
  • have seen a change in your child’s learning and are struggling to know how to help.
  • want to better understand your creative kid and engage him/her academically.
  • need a partner to help put into words the spark you see in your child even if others don’t see it.

Catalyst Framework includes:

  • initial hour-long conversation to explore your vision for your child’s education; discuss strengths and talents that you observe; and clarify issues and goals
  • additional hour-long conversation with your spouse/caregiver to gain a second perspective on your child’s strengths and learning (can be an additional conversation with you at any point in the process)
  • hour-long Skype session with your child
  • parent inventories for additional insights
  • customized strengths report to communicate our insights, including your child’s strengths, interests, motivations, menu of strategies, and resources
  • hour-long Skype or telephone presentation of findings to you and your spouse
  • Signed copy of Creativity for Everybody
  • Twice-monthly email