Catalyst Quest Sparkfinder


Catalyst Quest Sparkfinder

A recent study out of Stanford found that 80% of youth from ages 12 to 26 do not have a deep sense of purpose.

Finding purpose begins with self-knowledge. Once kids are aware of their spark—the intersection of creative strengths, interests, and values—we can find ways to apply it. Doing so, they develop a sense of purpose and passion.

Catalyst Quest is a two-month mentoring program to help students of any age pinpoint and apply their spark. They love the relaxed, inspired one-on-one meetings that are personalized to your child’s tastes.

Catalyst Quest is right for your family if your child: 

  • seems disconnected at school or at home.
  • is independent from “the crowd” and needs a stronger sense of identity and confidence.
  • does not have firm interests or passions.
  • has firm interests but doesn’t know how to progress with them.

Catalyst Quest includes: 

  • one-hour preliminary parent phone conversation to understand your vision for your child, challenges, strengths
  • three in-person* and/or Skype meetings with your child, including final action plan meeting
  • follow-up parent emails after each student meeting
  • three one-hour parent calls to coach you on how to effectively support progress
  • ongoing part of the Sparkitivity family—twice-monthly email, connections with our network
  • access to Sparkitivity’s private Client Hub containing all parent and teacher resources, tools, and workbooks
  • two signed copies of Creativity for Everybody (one for parent, one for child)