The Ultimate Creative Thinking Workshop

Kathryn Haydon

The Ultimate Creative Thinking Workshop

LinkedIn Learning revealed this year that creative thinking is the number one skill employers are looking for in employees, based on over 20 million job postings. Powerful creative thinking increases your ability to turn problems into possibilities, innovate to create new value, and leverage change to stay competitive in this fast-paced economy. 

It doesn’t take long to jump-start your creativity–it is teachable and improves with practice. Bring your team for three fun, action-packed hours to power-up your  thinking, effectiveness, and innovation capacity.


You Will Learn: 

  • The right way to brainstorm. 
  • 16 creative thinking skills to power-up your thinking and enhance your agility and resilience in the face of change.
  • Tools to turn good ideas into great solutions.
  • Techniques to ask the right kinds of questions that lead to new thinking.


Target Group: 

In-tact teams or individuals across teams


Time Commitment: 

4 Hours


How You Will Benefit: 

  • Run more productive brainstorming meetings. 
  • Find out which creative thinking skills you’ve already mastered and the ones you can more fully develop.
  • Transform the way you see and solve problems at work.
  • Know how to deliberately apply creative thinking to any business challenge.
  • Build your arsenal of tools and techniques to out-think your competition and improve innovation outcomes. 
  • Continue to build your skills with a signed copy of The Non-Obvious Guide to Being More Creative by Kathryn P. Haydon, your personal creative thinking training manual with access to tools, workbooks, and dozens of helpful resources.


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