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Allison Lancaster

“This course blows me away.  What a gift you have created!  The kids and I are poring over it now.” –Lindsay Pedersen, Mom and Brand Strategist, Ironclad Brand Strategy

 Stay Productive and Joyful Homeschooling While Working From Home

Self-Paced Online Course

As of mid-2021, surveys show that homeschooling in the United States has tripled in one year.
Nearly 1 in 5 families are presently being homeschooled, or about 19.5%.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

Get the tools you need to thrive as a homeschooling, working family.
Learn from the mistakes of veteran homeschoolers and start your homeschool journey with confidence!

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With nearly 1 in 5 families in the United States presently homeschooling, on top of the uncertainly of covid school closings, your employees need support! Help them out by gifting them this self-paced course to help set up structures for productive, innovative work-from-home while their kids learn at home.

Companies like Facebook have chosen Work From Home With Kids and Thrive as a benefit for employees.

If you work at Salesforce, Lyft, Hard Rock, Sephora, Success Academy, and many more–
check out Work From Home With Kids and Thrive on your perks!

Webinars for Parents

Schools like Berkeley Hall have given each family the gift of our interactive workbook plus a live webinar.

Invest in parent sanity and productivity with our webinars for parents only and parents + kids!

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It’s likely that many in your parent network have started homeschooling in the past few years. Help them avoid feeling totally overwhelmed and to set up strategies and structures for success. Apply to become an affiliate and earn generous commissions for each person that signs up for our course through your unique link. Plus, you’ll receive a generous coupon code for a course discount so your network can benefit as well.